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ABC Orders First Episode of Shonda Rhimes' 'Gilded Lillys'

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes gets a new pilot order from ABC.
Executive producer Shonda Rhimes is inching closer to bringing her new drama series, “Gilded Lillys” to TVs across the country. The show just received the green light from ABC to film a pilot episode, which makes it one of network’s first pilot pickups this season. Shooting a pilot episode of the show is the first step towards getting a full season on TV and it will be used to sell the series to ABC execs. PHOTOS: 25 Reasons Black Women Rocked in 2011 Set in 1895, “Gilded Lillys” tells the story of the opening of the first luxury hotel in New York City and the intermingling of love, betrayal and disdain between the classes. Both ABC Studios and Rhimes’ studio-based Shondaland will work on the project. PHOTOS: 25 Out-of-the-Box Black Women “Gilded Lillys” is one of four shows that Rhimes is busy working on this year. In addition to “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice,” Rhimes will debut the drama series “Scandal” featuring Kerry Washington in April. 40_actors_actresses_we_love_launch_icon