A Black mother of four who was injured during the recent shooting attack targeting police officers in Dallas is sharing her remarkable story of how she survived the horrific incident thanks largely in part to the officers who risk their own lives to keep her family safe during the mayhem.

Shetamia Taylor is one of thousands of protestors who were on hand for the peaceful rally advocating for the end of police brutality against African-Americans in downtown Dallas last Thursday and she says if it weren’t for the selfless acts of bravery from a few local police officers when the gathering turned fatally chaotic, she may not be alive to tell her story. Shetamia brought her four teen sons to march in the rally earlier in the afternoon and the family was just preparing to head back home when a gunman opened fire. As the shots rang out from an unidentified direction, Shetamia and her sons ran to find safety and encountered a police officer who urged them to continue running as he slumped to the ground after being hit by one of the bullets.

Dallas Mom Shot While Shielding Her Son From Sniper Fire Speaks Out

Moments later as Shetamia positioned herself behind her four sons in the crowd while continuing to run, she was suddenly struck in the leg by a bullet. Upon being hit, she instinctively tackled the son closest to her and threw her body over his as the gunshots continued to come and soon found herself underneath the bodies of multiple Dallas police officers, who threw themselves on top of the mother and her son to form a “human shield” over them.

“That officer jumped on top of me and covered me….and my son,” Shetamia said speaking to reporters through tears. “And there was another one at our feet and there was another one over our head.”

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