Sheryl Underwood Will Go Vegan for February
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Apparently, veganism is becoming a thing in Hollywood.

Comedian Sheryl Underwood is the latest in a growing list of stars to adopt the radical lifestyle change.

She announced the news on The Talk and elaborated on the details with TV Guide.

“I’m not trying to be trendy and my goal is not to give up meat forever, but I want a lifestyle change,” said Underwood, an avid bacon lover. “I want to lower my blood pressure and jump-start my metabolism—and do it all naturally. People think I picked February to go vegan because it’s the shortest month. No! I’m doing it as a Valentine to me!”

She went on to say that her co-host Sarah Gilbert’s vegan book also inspired her new challenge. It doesn’t also hurt that Gilbert is a size three, she says. “When you’re a vegan, you lose weight, right?”

Underwood’s good friend Steve Harvey urged her to do the challenge in public because the people will “hold you to it.” And she’s not going into this cold turkey. In fact, she’s been trying to ease into it over the last month. “…Substituting olive oil for butter, eating less meat, cutting down on processed food or eating more whole foods so it won’t be cold turkey. But I want this to be fun so I am not giving up alcohol!”

Just yesterday, Beyoncé shared via Instagram that she’s doing a new vegan challenge for 22 days—her second since December.

Sending these ladies well wishes on their new no-meat, no-dairy diets!

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