Sheryl Underwood Reveals Natural Hair, Apologizes For Hurtful Remarks
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On Monday’s premiere episode of the new season of The Talk, comedian Sheryl Underwood revealed her natural hair and apologized for disparaging comments she made regarding kinky hair.

In September 2013, Underwood made comments about Heidi Klum saving her biracial children’s hair in a plastic bag, and suggested that kinky hair was of very little value. “Why would you save Afro hair? You can’t weave in Afro hair!” Underwood declared. “No one walks into the hair place and says ‘Look here, what I need is curly, nappy, beady hair. That just seems nasty.”

Her statement garnered lots of blacklash, and many fans called her an Uncle Tom and coon. On Monday’s show, Underwood formally apologized and asked for forgiveness. “To come out of the mouth of a very proud black woman—I was wrong. I wanted to take the time to apologize, especially in the forum that this discussion occurred,” said a very remorseful Underwood.

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For the past year Underwood has been on a journey of self-discovery that compelled her to cut off her relaxed hair and begin wearing her curls in public. Although she will continue to wear wigs because she “likes variety,” she felt it important to show her natural curls for the entire premiere episode. 

Watch the clip below and tell us what you think about Underwood’s apology.

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