Every bride dreams of finding — and fitting into — the perfect dress, even if it’s a few sizes smaller than they can fit into… at the moment. That’s why Sherri Shepherd plans to drop a few pounds to get in shape for her big day in August.

“I’m still trying on dresses, and I’ve still got this fantasy that I’m going to be a size 2,” Sherri told Popeater. “I’m working out with a trainer because Ive got a fantasy of a strapless [dress],” she added.

Sherri will be getting plenty of workouts, seeing as she’s also hired a dance instructor to teach her and her fiance the Samba for their first dance, reports People.

And the dancing won’t stop there. Wedding guests will be in awe when she reveals a dance routine. “We’re all going to do a choreographed dance to a Chris Brown song,” she told People.

It’s your day Sherri! Get your groove on!

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