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Sherri Shepherd Says Diabetes Saved Her Life

The View co-host gives her tips on losing weight and how to combat diabetes in her new book Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don't Have It).
Sherri Shepherd Says Diabetes Saved Her Life
Andrew H. Walker/ Getty

Sherri Shepherd shares how she gained control over her diabetes and provides a step-by-step guide for healthy living in her new book, Plan D: How to Lose Weight and Beat Diabetes (Even If You Don’t Have It).

In an interview with USA Today, The View co-host said that if it wasn’t for the disease threatening to take her limbs and eventually her life, she wouldn’t have made any healthy life changes.

“If I didn’t have diabetes, I would probably be at the International House of Pancakes eating a stack of pancakes with butter and syrup,” said Shepherd. “I would probably be 250 pounds… I wouldn’t be healthy for my son, Jeffrey.”

Once the comedienne decided to get her health in check, she traded in carbs for kale. She also began to recognize the importance of adding exercise to her daily routine.

“I have learned to turn my house into a gym,” she shared. “I do lunges when going to the laundry with my basket. When cooking, I do push-ups against the kitchen counter.”

Despite her continued battle with diabetes, Shepherd is determined to continue on her path to a healthier life and hopes to help others do so too.

“I feel really healthy,” Shepherd said. “I have so much energy. I want to live and I’m going to beat this thing. I feel so blessed.”