While audiences worldwide enjoyed watching Prince William and Catherine Middleton tie the knot, Sherri Shepherd just has one question to ask: “Where are all the black people?” During a recent segment on “The View,” the outspoken comedienne said she combed through footage of the ceremony and was surprised to find such little diversity among guests.

“Audrey Jones, our producer, was looking for the Black people in the wedding and we found our Rosa Parks moment, because we were like ‘where are the Black people’?” she said. “It was like where’s Waldo, where are the Black people?”

Sherri added that she did spot a few Black people seated near the front of the wedding. “I don’t know why they put all the Black people over here but they are at the front of the wedding so I ain’t complaining, they got in the front.”

What did you think about the diversity at the Royal Wedding?

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