Sherri Shepherd Asks Supreme Court to Reverse Surrogacy Ruling
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Sherri Shepherd wants to return to court once again in regard to her surrogacy battle with ex-husband Lamar Sally.

E! News reports that the former The View co-host has filed a request with the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to review her case, in which a judge ruled that she was the legal mother of she and Sally’s son born via surrogate.

Sherri Shepherd Ordered to Pay Child Support for Surrogate Son

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Shepherd sites that the lower Pennsylvania court didn’t have the authority to claim her as such based on state law that “requires parentage to be established by ‘genetics/biology or by adoption.'”

The court will make a decision on whether the case will be tried within the next three months based on Shepherd’s petition claim that “the lower court usurped the power of the Pennsylvania legislature by finding this contract enforceable.”