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Sheree Whitfield is an entrepreneur, socialite and recently divorced mother of three to Tierra, Kairo and Kaleigh. Whitfield is excited to show that, in her world, the good life is the rule, not the exception. In the midst of growing her own fashion label, “She by Sheree,” Whitfield shares why she doesn’t mind being labeled the Queen B of Atlanta housewives.

ESSENCE.COM: Your life is now on display for the world to see. So what made you join the cast?
Well, I was at the end of a divorce, so I thought this was a great way to get my mind off of it. And, I’m definitely not just sitting at home. We are redefining what it means to be a housewife, whether it means being a businesswoman, working mom, or socialite, and I was excited to let people inside our world. We bring something different than the “Flavor of Love” or “I Love New York” type of show. 

ESSENCE.COM: From the first episode, we know that you want to get at least seven figures from your divorce. Do you think the show portrays you accurately?
Well, I’m “the bitch.” I hate to say that but that’s what I am on the show. It’s not something I set out to be, but I guess that’s what you’re called when you speak your mind. And that’s okay with me. Of course, you will be edited, and there’s stuff you’d wish they’d keep, like all the things I said before about the divorce.

ESSENCE.COM: So how’s your love life now? Are you dating?
I’m not dating anyone right now. Atlanta is so small and it really is six degrees of separation. My ex told me about the show [before I could tell him]. A guy for me would definitely have to be spiritual, family-oriented, and someone who’s happy and confident within themselves.

ESSENCE.COM: Definitely! And this season is making headlines, as a majority of the ladies are Black.
Yep, and it’s about time. Atlanta is labeled the “Black mecca” or “Black Hollywood.” I think people really need to see that African-American women have it going on too. They’re career-driven, good moms, and we do live like this. I went to a nail salon and a girl was telling me her grandmother watched the show and didn’t know Black people lived like that. She lived right here in Georgia. I know so many people who’ve said they couldn’t relate because the Cosby’s weren’t real. I loved “The Cosby Show” and I know it’s real.

ESSENCE.COM: Alright, Clair Huxtable. What was your favorite moment on the show?
That pole party! My friends and I have a private lesson on poll dancing and I had the best time! Everybody there had such a good time. I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute. I had, um, taken a few classes before and got the idea, plus it’s great exercise. Now everybody wants [a pole] and I encourage women to do it.