It looks like ‘Basketball Wives’ creator Shaunie O’Neal is none too pleased with the casting for the new Los Angeles franchise in production.

Shaunie is said to have worked with Shed Media (the team behind ‘Real Housewives of New York City’) to form the cast for the new Vh1 show, which includes Kimsha Artest, Jackie Christie, Imani Showalter, and Gloria and Laura Govan, and others. Kimsha is married to Lakers star Ron Artest, Jackie is the wife of retired Clippers player Doug Christie, and Imani and Laura are both former fiancés of NBA players. If you recognize Gloria’s name it’s because she starred on the first season of the Miami based show and is engaged to Lakers player Matt Barnes.

It would seem that all these ladies have a tie-in that makes them worthy of appearing on the show, but in a recent interview with Ebony, Shaunie disagrees, saying the show has been “distorted a little bit”, reports

“I really came in with the concept of having a group of women that come together and are associated by the game of basketball, whether it be their husbands, fiancés — there’s some long-term relationship with a man in basketball and the game of basketball — and that’s how we formed this sisterhood and friendship,” says Shaunie.

So what’s her beef with the west coast cast?

“The L.A. cast — there are some wives and fiancés, which I’m fine with. But there’s a little bit of trash kind of sprinkled into that cast that I’m totally against. I was really very hands off with that cast.”
Ouch! The final cast hasn’t yet been announced, but it looks like Shaunie, who receives loads of criticism on the original show’s casting, doesn’t want to be blamed for future drama to come.

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