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Shaunie O'Neal Prefers Family to TV

Shaunie O'Neal has mastered juggling her career and motherhood.
Shaunie O’Neal is a busy woman. The “Basketball Wives” creator is the mother of five, and like most, has to juggle parenting and a full-throttle career as a single mom.

She tells the Huffington Post, “There are times where I won’t fly and film for the show because I want to be at my kid’s fourth-grade science exhibition.”

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But O’Neal has mastered her schedule and knows family time is always her first priority.

“Even if one has football practice and I only have four of them at home. One might have soccer, and we have to go back and pick them up when it’s over. It’s not always set in stone because everyone has different stuff going on, but we do all sit down and have dinner, so we get that family time at some point, every day, regardless.”

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The reality queen wears many hats. Along with working on “Basketball Wives,” she has started her own shoe line and is working on a upcoming book.

We love to see mothers shining!