LADIES! ESSENCE is looking for single and fabulous women of all ages who are dating often and having more fun than most ladies can imagine. If you’re that woman, don’t keep all those good dating tips to yourself! Share the secrets to your dating success

We want to talk to Black women of all ages who may fit one (or more) of the following descriptions:

“I Date to Have Fun”
Instead of looking for a love to lockdown, you enjoy new experiences
“I Date Like A Man”
It’s a numbers game. You say yes (within reason) to any man who comes your way. You also don’t put all your eggs in one basket and keep a “back-up” man in case your prime interest acts a fool
“I Don’t Set Limits”

You’re looking for a GOOD man, period, since race and occupation don’t determine how a man treats you.

“I’m A Flirt”
You’re great at working a room and catching male attention. You know how to makes sure you seem available and interested to potential suitors— and it works!
“I Go Where The Men Are”
You don’t believe there aren’t good Black men because you’re everywhere the men are, from the annual conferences (Black MBA, Black fraternities) to the ball games to the strip club.
“I Date Online”
You find more men in your living room that you’ll ever find at a nightspot. You spend your weeknights looking at men, and your weekends on a date!

If one of these descriptions sounds like you, tell us how (in detail) by sending an e-mail to by OCTOBER 24, 2008. Also, in the body of your e-mail please include your:

(incomplete entries will not be reviewed.)
Thanks for participating!

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