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Shar Jackson's Assistant Commits Suicide

Shar's assistant hangs himself from a tree near her home.
This Thanksgiving weekend has been a rough one for the families of actress Shar Jackson and her former assistant Justice.

According to reports, Justice committed suicide near Jackson’s home this past Monday by hanging himself from a tree in her gated community.

While details of this tragic incident are vague, Perez Hilton reports that the former “Moesha” actress was at her home in Corona, California on Monday when Justice stopped by for a visit. During his time at Jackson’s home, Justice began “drinking and getting emotional” prior to storming out of the house.

After he left, Jackson became concerned and went to look for him. Shortly after she started her search, she found Justice’s body hanging from a nearby tree. Jackson reportedly enlisted the help of her son and cousin to cut Justice down from the tree and then “tried to resuscitate him.” Unfortunately, when paramedics arrived, Justice was pronounced dead on the scene.

Our sincere condolences go out to both families.