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Shabab Militants Massacre 147 Students at Kenyan University

The attack was Kenya's deadliest act of terrorism in nearly 20 years
Shabab Militants Massacre 147 Students at Kenyan University
AP Photo

Almost 150 college students are dead after Muslim terrorist group Shabab, a Somali affiliate of Al Qaeda, stormed a Kenyan university yesterday morning, shooting any student who said that they were Christian.

Authorities say that early Thursday morning, anywhere between four and 10 militants stormed into Garissa University College dormitories, separating the Christian students from the Muslims. By the time Kenyan officials arrive, the terrorists had killed 147 students. This is Kenya’s worst terrorist attack since the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy.

Soon after the attacks took place, Ali Mohamoud Raghe, a spokesman for the Shabab, spoke out via an audio message, taking responsibility for the massacre, citing that the “Christian government of Kenya” has invaded their home country of Somali. He said that they blamed the university for spreading Christian ideals.

Yesterday, Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta vowed to combat the terrorists and called nearly 10,000 police recruits into duty. The police officers join the hundreds who have already been recruited to try and stop the Somali militants, who have been wreaking havoc on Kenya for years. Two years ago, 67 people were killed after members of Shabab released gunfire in a Kenyan mall.