Serena Williams Posts Rare Lingerie-Clad Photo from Bed
Most of us are used to seeing Serena Williams on the tennis court being a total boss, smashing records and winning everything she sets her mind to. The woman is a pure, athletic powerhouse who can typically be found clad from head-to-toe in spandex and performance apparel, which is what gives her glamorous turns on the red carpet such an exciting edge, and also why her latest lingerie-clad selfie seemed to come so totally out of left field. 30 Times Serena Williams Served a Fierce Fashion Game In the bedroom selfie, Serena appears to be wearing little to no makeup, just a soft pink flush across her cheeks and lips, leaving her natural hair down and framing her face. The athlete wore only a white, lacy bra in the shot taken from her bed, showing off a hint of cleavage, a hint of her super impressive six-pack abs and her fire engine red manicure, just for a little pop of color. Although she posted this image with no comment, even without a caption it seems an especially poignant photo given what transpired earlier this month. Serena Williams Facing Body-Shaming With Nike Outfit At Wimbledon While she was busy destroying the competition at Wimbledon, some people thought it was appropriate to body shame Serena on Twitter, claiming that the sight of her nipples through her top were a huge distraction to the sport. Although the athlete herself didn’t clapback (and why would she when she was preoccupied winning her 22 Grand Slam title), thankfully, her legions of supportive fans took it upon themselves to defend her. But with this selfie, Serena seems to be making a statement that all her haters can step, as her dear friend Beyoncé would say, to the left. You Can Now Work Out With Serena Williams and Kevin Hart And speaking of that twerk-tastic cameo in Beyoncé’s Lemonade, we always knew the athlete was full of surprises, but her latest selfie marks what might be her most unexpected and intimate shot to date. All we know is, if Serena keeps this up, Kim K better watch out for her crown as the semi-clothed queen of selfies. This article originally appeared on People Style News.

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