Separate Shootings at Texas Southern University, Northern Arizona University Leave 2 Dead
Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle via AP

At least two people are dead after two gunmen opened fire at both Texas Southern University and Northern Arizona University in separate shootings this morning.

According to Houston police, a gunman shot two people—one fatally—this morning at on-campus apartments at TSU. The campus remains on lockdown as officials continue searching for a suspect. No further details have emerged.

TSU President John M. Rudley issued a comment earlier this morning, saying that guns were too easily accessible and condemning the recent onslaught of violence at the campus—this is the third campus shooting in the past two months.

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Shooting at Oregon Community College Leaves 9 Dead, 20 Injured

Earlier this morning, 18-year-old Northern Arizona University student Steven Jones opened fire after an alleged confrontation in a dormitory parking lot, killing one student and wounding three others. Jones was taken into custody.

“This is not something that happens here,” NAU student Anna Valdez told USA TODAY. “We’re a really close-knit community. Everyone is just shocked and speechless.”

The shootings come one week after a gunman opened fire at an Oregon community college, killing 9, and one day after President Obama announced that he was considering issuing an executive order requiring background checks for all gun purchasers.