Where was Evelyn from the Internets when Beyoncé played her Lemonade reaction video on the Formation World Tour?

On May 8, 2016, Evelyn from the Internets was at her parent’s house for Mother’s Day when she received notification after notification that her video had played on Queen Bey’s big screen.

Here’s The Hilarious ‘Lemonade’ Reaction Video Beyoncé Played On Her Tour

She recounts the events of the night her face appeared on the jumbotron behind Beyoncé and her dancers in her new reaction video. The excitement prompted her to run a mile in the streets, screaming.

“What is a LinkedIn?” asks Evelyn. “I don’t need a LinkedIn, Beyoncé knows who I am!”

Watch Evelyn from the Internets’ latest in the video above.

Be warned, you’ll need to remove your headphones.

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