Seattle Seahawks Pass On Colin Kaepernick After He Refuses To Give Up Kneeling
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Despite being one of the best quarterbacks in the nation, Colin Kaepernick is still being shut out of pro football.

Thursday, sportswriter Adam Schefter learned the Seattle Seahawks had rescinded its offer to have the 31-year-old QB workout with the team after they asked Kaepernick if he was willing to put an end to kneeling during the National Anthem and he refused.

Instead of showing the Seahawks what he can do on the field, a day after the canceled visit ESPN reported “Kaepernick sat for his deposition administered by NFL attorneys in New York regarding the league’s alleged attempts to conspire to keep him out of the league.”

Today, the Seahawks picked up newcomer Stephen Morris to be a backup quarterback.

Kaepernick’s national anthem demonstration began during the 2016 season when he and former teammate Eric Reid began kneeling to protest police violence and racism against communities of color. Kaepernick was criticized for his stance, but several players throughout the league joined his cause and also took a knee.

While many accused the NFL star of merely grandstanding by kneeling, he’s backed up his actions over the past year by donating over $1 million to social and community groups around the country.