‘Scandal’ Poll: Have You Ever Had a Traumatizing Job?

Last night’s episode of ABC’s hit TV drama Scandal returned with yet another riveting hour of television. From Olivia’s brief hospital stay to her romantic trials with the president, there was so much to take in.

The episode followed Huck as he suffered an emotional relapse of sorts that sent him huddled into a corner repeating “752” for much of the episode. Through a series of flashbacks, audiences learned that Huck once had a stable life with a wife and a son after leaving the army. That all went awry when he was recruited by the CIA, which strong-armed him into taking a job that traumatized him and cost him his family. Huck’s task was to seek out bad guys, pump them for information and dispose of them—in that order.

Despite his moral code, he did the job anyway. After upper-level executives found out Huck had a family, against their wishes, he was forced into a hole for over two months—as a form of torture.

In the end, Olivia was the only one who could break through to Huck. Audiences learned that he’s been running from the CIA for years and the number he recited throughout the episode referenced the time he last saw his wife and child on the subway platform as a homeless man.

Have you ever had a job that left you emotionally damaged, hurt, miserable or down-right angry with the world? Have any of your past jobs forced you to make personal decisions that simply go against your moral code? Take our poll below and share your crazy job experiences in the comments.

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