Say What?! Shark Powder The New Hair Growth Craze
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Hair loss and faster hair growth is a common concern for women and men alike. So when a new or not-so-new ingredient that promises quick results surfaces, we lose our minds. Now the latest craze is shark cartilage, which contains glucosamine and has been found to simulate hair tissue. The study mentioned in International Journal of Medical Research showed a 38% increase in new hair growth in 95% of the patients taking the drug Nourkin over a 6-month period.

Shark cartilage is made up mostly of calcium, collagen, glucosamine, proteins, sulfur, and polysaccharides, and according to the study, the cartilage can also lower blood pressure but raise blood sugar levels.

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Professor Jan Wadstein, a hair expert at Sweden’s Lund University stated, “There is no doubt it has a significant effect on hair growth. You need to take it for six months and then you get a good, positive effect,” she says. “After this, you continue to take a lower, maintenance dose to prevent further hair loss. The results aren’t 100 percent far from it. But I would say you get about a 50 percent improvement when you take supplements with shark cartilage.”

Move over biotin, there’s a hair growth new supplement to fall in love with!