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Say What? Couple Bills Friends For Skipping Out On Wedding

A newlywed couple sent their friends a bill after they RSVPed for their wedding but couldn’t make it. Should they pay it?
Say What? Couple Bills Friends For Skipping Out On Wedding
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Bridezilla alert!

A couple in Minnesota was supposed to attend a wedding, but their babysitter fell through at the last minute. Since the invitation said “no children” Jessica Baker and her husband had no choice but to skip the wedding. A few weeks later, the couple received a bill from the bride and groom asking them to pay up for their dinner plates. The total bill came to $75.00, which included the cost of two plates at $30.00 each and a service and tax charge.

While it’s not unusual for a bride and groom to become frustrated when guests RSVP for their wedding but don’t attend, billing said guests for the cost after the fact is quite unusual.

Couples usually must pay their wedding catering bill based on the number of guests who they say will attend. Which means those who fail to show, do cost the couple money. But, does this give them the right to bill the guests? Life happens. Missing an event isn’t always intentional.

Baker was so shocked to receive the bill, she posted the bill to Facebook and it went viral.

More than 1500 people have commented adding their thoughts on how the couple should respond and news outlets have only helped the bizarre story spread. Baker tells local news they threw the bill out.

What would you do? Pay up? Cut all ties? Both?