Katt Williams has not been winning lately. Following multiple arrests and legal issues, the comedian was recently involved in a stage brawl in Philadelphia, PA. And, now a video of Williams fighting a young man has surfaced online and subsequently gone viral.

Yikes! Comedian Katt Williams Brawls at Philadelphia Concert

Reportedly, the comedian was in Atlanta handing out money to people in the community until things went south. It’s unclear on what led to the dispute, but Williams is shown face-to-face with a young man, who’s rumored to be in the 7th grade, when words are exchanged and Williams strikes the youth. In response, the young man turns the tables and puts the comedian in a chokehold. Katt, what’s going on?!

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Although the name and age of the young man have not been confirmed, violence is never the answer—especially when it comes to an adult interacting with an alleged child. At press time, police haven’t received any official complaints but this just adds yet another SMH moment to Williams’ headline-grabbing antics.   

We got to do better. 

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