Sarah Palin’s now infamous tweet, “Don’t retreat, instead reload” won’t soon be forgotten now that Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head by 22-year-old Jared Lee Loughner. Giffords is on Palin’s Crosshairs hitlist on which 20 Democratic members of Congress are targeted as needing to be removed in order “to elect people across the nation who will bring common sense to Washington.”

Interestingly enough, in March 2010 Whoopi Goldberg spoke on the vitriol coming from talking heads like Palin and warned that if something happens, it would be on their hands.  “I want to put something out there to those talking heads who are still busy inciting this,” she said. “Whatever comes down from this, it’s on your hands.” Even Elizabeth Hasselback had to agree with Whoopi on this one.

Earlier today President Obama led the nation in a moment of silence and called for an end to the political vitriol.

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