Sanaa Lathan Says Social Media ‘Stars’ Are All Starting To Look The Same
Jesse Grant/Getty Images for NAACP Image Awards

Now You See Me 2 star Sanaa Lathan is weighing in with her thoughts about the growing number of people who are finding fame on social media due to their physically altered appearances.

Sanaa herself has been a long-time fan favorite among Hollywood actresses, due in part to her seemingly timeless beauty, but she says there’s a growing trend of unoriginality taking over the physical features seen across social media. Specifically, she had much to say about the trend of using unnatural ways to enhance beauty and the overwhelming presence of ‘plastic’ social media stars.

“There’s something happening in the last couple years with certain social-media stars: They’re all starting to look the same,” she said in a recent interview with Variety. “There’s a new aesthetic, and I feel like it’s going away from natural beauty. I’m all for celebrating the differences in who we are. I’m really into the beauty of women of all shapes, sizes, colors, features, and hair textures. But there’s something going on — a certain look that’s very plastic, with the injections, the fillers, the nips and tucks.”

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Sanaa was also asked what she believes to be the biggest change needed in today’s entertainment industry. While she’s grateful that the diversity conversation is taking place in Hollywood circles more often these days, she also points out that there’s still much to be done. “I’m really happy that this conversation has been going on as of late, but we need more diversity in every way, and more diversity behind the scenes: people writing stories, people greenlighting stories, people acting in stories. What I would love for the entertainment industry to do is reflect the beautiful melting pot of the world we live in.”

Sanaa is currently making her media rounds to promote her role as an FBI agent in Now You See Me 2, which hit theaters earlier this month on June 10.

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