RZA Gives His Version Of What Really Happened With Azealia Banks And Russell Crowe

Last weekend, outspoken Hip Hop artist Azealia Banks claimed to have been physically assaulted by actor Russell Crowe while attending a gathering in his Beverly Hills suite.

It was soon revealed that Banks’ attended Crowe’s party as a guest of veteran Wu Tang rapper and actor RZA, who is a good friend of Crowe’s. Banks’ original account of what led to her confrontation with Crowe included very little details, other than her allegations that he called her the N-word, spat on her and choked her, before eventually throwing her out of his party altogether. Witnesses who were in attendance told TMZ that prior to her removal from the gathering, Banks had loudly insulted Crowe’s musical selections and then attempted to attack another female attendee who came to Crowe’s defense. According to the witnesses, it was at that point that Crowe intervened, grabbed her up “bearhug” style and took her outside, where he called security to escort her from the premises.


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Banks later posted on her Facebook page that she had “the receipts” and encouraged fans to “stay tuned,” implying that she had evidence to support her accusations against Crowe.

But it seems RZA has a few receipts of his own.

The rapper was initially quiet in the wake of the incident going public, but he took to his Facebook page on Thursday afternoon with a lengthy post detailing his relationship with Banks and his version of what happened on the night of the party.  

Read what RZA had to say below.
RZA’s response come on the heels of Banks’ giving TMZ the full account of her side of the story on Wednesday, in which she tells the outlet that the rapper “just stood there” while she was allegedly being assaulted by Crowe. Hear what she had to say in the clip below.


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