Ryan Lochte Indicted By Brazilian Authorities
Photo by Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

Ryan Lochte earned much more than a gold medal from Rio. The Olympic swimmer has apparently earned himself an indictment too.

Yesterday, Rio Police authorities announced they have formally charged Lochte for falsely reporting a crime, CNN reports.

Lochte is being summoned to Rio to face his charges where he will be asked to either pay a fine or, if convicted, would have to serve one to six months in jail.

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If he, or his lawyer, fails to return to Rio to address the charges, he will be automatically sentenced to jail time.

The 12-time swimmer got into hot water on August 14th at a Rio gas station with three other American swimmers. Lochte reported that a gunman posing as a police officer robbed him. Days after the report was filed, it was learned Lochte lied about what had taken place.

Earlier this week, four major sponsors, including Speedo and Ralph Lauren Polo, disavowed the swimmer saying they could not condone his behavior.