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Russell Wilson Pens Heartfelt Open Letter To His Sister As She Graduates High School

Russell Wilson celebrates his little sister's high school graduation with a very heartfelt, public letter to her.
Russell Wilson Pens Heartfelt Open Letter To His Sister As She Graduates High School
Jim Bennett/Getty Images

Thousands of families across the country are celebrating as their teenage family members commemorate the completion of their high school education and NFL quarterback Russell Wilson is one in the number of proud big brothers.

The Seattle Seahawks star sounded overwhelmed with emotion on Tuesday as he penned a heartfelt letter to his younger sister Anna in honor of her graduating from high school and going on to pursue her college education with a full scholarship to Stanford University. 

Russell opened the lengthy message with an apology to Ana for not being very excited to meet his baby sister initially when his father came to take him to the hospital after she was born when he was just 9 years old. He later went on to reflect on the moment when he realized Ana was destined for sports greatness. “I always knew you had great things ahead of you, but I didn’t realize just how great until my second year in Seattle, when you came to town and we played one-on-one at the Bellevue Club gym,” he wrote in a letter posted to The Player’s Tribune.

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“You had grown a little taller. I could tell your crossover was a little quicker. But I mean, come on. I’m Big Bro. I’m a pro athlete. You’re 15. I started the game going like, 75%. (We had a big Monday Night Football game coming up.) And you smoked me.” 

Among other things, Russell also got personal about what it means to be witnessing his baby sis walk across the stage to receive her high school diploma, while also marveling at her motivation to keep pushing toward her goals after they sadly lost their father to diabetes in 2010. 

“It’s amazing how fast the time goes by,” he wrote. “I can’t believe that you graduate from high school today. I’m so happy to see you go off to Stanford to play basketball, and live out all your hopes and dreams. You and I both know that it hasn’t been easy. For you to accomplish everything you have accomplished after losing Dad at such a young age is nothing short of incredible. You are as tough and as smart as they come I mean this from the bottom of my heart — you inspire me.”

You can read Russell’s full remarks to his sister Anna here.

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