Russell Simmons Establishes Fund to Help Those Affected by RushCard Glitch
Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Uncle Rush is coming to the rescue.

Weeks after a glitch at RushCard, Russell Simmons’ prepaid debit card company, left thousands without access to their accounts, Simmons is establishing a multi-million dollar fund to help customers receive compensation.

“We don’t have a number [for the fund] yet because it really is whatever it takes to make good with our customs,” Simmons said to the Associated Press.

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Russell Simmons’ Debit Card Company Under Investigation After Glitch Leaves Thousands Without Access to Accounts

RushCard officials said that the glitch was a result of the company transferring to a new processing system. 

Simmons said that he has been paying users out of his own pocket, and he and company execs will continue to do what they can to ensure that everyone  receives compensation.

“This whole situation has been devastating for them,” Simmons said, “and we want to make sure they are made whole.”