Runway Beauty: Tracy Reese on the Glam Behind Her New Collection

One of our fave designers dishes on the glam behind her Spring 2015 collection. 

One of our fave designers dishes on the glam behind her Spring 2015 collection

ESSENCE: How does beauty work its way into your designs each season?

TRACY REESE: When I first start to sketch, well, I can’t really get started until I figure out what the hair is. This has been an issue for me for years, since school [Parsons The New School for Design]. The hair and the shoes are a big part of the total look. Once the fabric is fleshed out and I know what I’m doing with prints, then I can start thinking about makeup and nails.

ESSENCE: And for spring 2015?

T.R.: I wanted the hair to look like a dancer’s hair—not perfect but relaxed. I wanted a strong brow, relatively nude lips, a sheer look to the nails with a sense of movement. I was really into the sheers and the tang of the orange. It was a very strong accent color for the collection.

ESSENCE: You’ve worked with Sally Hansen for 18 seasons, 18 collections. How did that come about?

T.R.: When Sally Hansen first approached me about teaming up, I thought it was an interesting idea. Nails were not a statement then the way they are now. This was a brand-new idea and I think it was really smart of them because nails complete the look. Now they’re like jewelry. I work with Sally six weeks before the show and they customize colors and textures just for us. We come up with a game plan for the show nail. [Thanks to the Sally Hansen polish], every person can get something from the runway- usually faster than they can get the clothes.

ESSENCE: And what about your first fragrance venture, with Anthropologie?

T.R.: We did candles with them before, which we loved. They’re one of my favorite retail part-ners and they’re very respectful of the process. They brought a really great team to the table to help us develop this floral fragrance.


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