Roland Martin Fires Back At Mo’Nique For Questioning His Record Supporting Women
Todd Williamson/ Getty Images

Journalist Roland Martin responded to an attack of his record by Mo’Nique — and he wasn’t having it.

The former “NewsOne Now” host gave a passionate response after the Oscar-winning actress questioned his support of women.

“Brother Roland please listen we getting ready to do press,” she tweeted. “I appreciate your fight, however where is your fight for EQUALITY when it comes to your sisters. Let’s talk brother.

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Mo’Nique has called for a boycott of Netflix after revealing that the video streaming service had offered her pittance for a comedy special, compared to her peers like Chris Rock, Dave Chapelle and Amy Schumer. Mo’Nique later clarified her point against Martin, saying that it seemed “strange” how few seemed to want to promote her campaign.

Martin was not having it! He responded directly to Mo’Nique on Twitter:

“Mo’Nique, the fact that you are even asking the question about what I have done to fight for equality and sisters shows you don’t know,” he said. “I don’t talk about it. I DO IT. Have done it my whole career. I don’t need to talk. I put in the work.”

The likes of Wanda Sykes and Jada Pinkett-Smith have backed Mo’Nique in her boycott.