It was a long time coming, but in 2009 Mattel released a line of Black Barbie dolls called “So In Style.” Unlike Christie, Barbie’s first Black friend, who basically looked like Barbie with a tan, the So In Style dolls were designed with more authentic-looking Black features from full lips to curlier hair. The So In Style dolls have more going for them than being the token Black girls. Back in the day, Christie was simply known as Black Barbie. Today the So In Style dolls–Grace, Kara and Trichelle–each have their own diverse personality traits. Grace loves cheerleading, Kara plays musical instruments and is a math wiz and Trichelle is into art and journalism. One thing these BFFs share in common is their love for fashion. This spring, Grace, Kara and Trichelle will be paying tribute to one of their fave brands, Rocawear. As part of the hip brand’s 10-year-anniversary celebration, the So In Style gals will be outfitted with authentic Rocawear fashions. In addition to getting a hip new wardrobe of graphic leggings, hoodies and purses, the girls will welcome two new friends into their crew: Chandra and Darin. Meet the new generation of Barbie.