We often hear mothers gushing over their babies and spreading the word on how fabulous motherhood is. But it’s rare we hear it from a father’s perspective. Robin Thicke is opening up about how is 20-month-old son, Julian Fuego with wife Paula Patton, has changed his life forever.

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According to People, Thicke says having a child has changed the way he performs on stage. “Since I’ve become a dad, I no longer perform for me, I perform for my family. Julian has changed my music and made me think less of myself. He is an angel, the greatest thing that has ever happened to me.”

Although Thicke is on the road at the moment while Patton is on a “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” premiere tour, their hearts remain with little Julian. The couple takes time out to Skype with their son on a regular basis who’s being kept by Patton’s mother. Thicke says, “This is the longest either Paula or I have been away from Julian and it is hard for the both of us. We talk to him constantly on Skype and he seems to understand his parents are off doing their thing, which is good for him.”

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Being a parent and an A list celebrity isn’t easy these days. Thicke admits that when he and Patton first welcomed Julian it was difficult balancing their careers but now things are better. “I lost my mojo for awhile. But finally we hit a rhythm, and we are more in love than ever and so supportive each other. We’re both crazy about our son.”