Pioneering African American doctor Robert C. Scott, M.D., passed away on Thursday, October 8, 2009 at approximately 8:00P.M PST. Scott died from complications of two intensive blood clots: one in the lung, and one on the brain. He was 65 years old.

The Chicago native entered private practice some 32 years ago, specializing in infectious diseases and internal medicine. His Oakland based practice served several thousand patients, over 400 of who have the HIV virus-often working in typical 13-hour work days. He pioneered innovative treatment of the HIV/AIDS virus when the disease catapulted within the United States in the early 1980s.

During 2004, Scott became the first African American doctor to become licensed to practice in Zimbabwe, Africa. At the time of his passing, he maintained, on a volunteer basis, over 800 patients in Zimbabwe, where he traveled several times per year to deliver clothing and supplies from Allen Temple’s outreach efforts to children whose parents died of AIDS.–BB

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