Rihanna’s Secret Half-Siblings Revealed
Dimitrios Kambouris

When it comes to family, not even celebrities are exempt from having a few skeletons in the closet. It is widely known that Rihanna is the eldest of three children, but Rihanna has also been in touch with three older half-siblings that she kept quiet about until now.

According to UK mag, “The Sun,” Rihanna’s half-sister Samantha, 30, and half-brother Jamie, 27, were in her life while growing up and she still meets up with them when she returns home to Barbados. Her eldest half-sister, Kandy, 32, came into the singer’s life just before Rihanna began pursuing her music career. All three of her half-siblings have different mothers whom Rihanna’s dad, Ronald Fenty, hooked up with before marrying Rihanna’s mom, Monica.

Samantha discovered that Rihanna was her sister when Rihanna’s dad returned to Barbados after living in Canada for seven years. Samantha was 10 years old and Rihanna was only three, and the girls played together and did each other’s hair like normal sisters. Rihanna’s eldest half-sister Kandy, came into the picture when Rihanna was 15. Kandy showed up at their dad’s house and explained that she was Ronald’s daughter. It is unknown how and when Rihanna was introduced to her half-brother Jamie.

Rihanna is also an aunt to Kandy’s two daughters who are big fans of her music. Despite Rihanna’s hectic traveling schedule, she has remained on good terms with her half-siblings and nieces and visits them for family functions.


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