Rihanna Calls Out Trump Over Puerto Rico Negligence – ‘Don’t Let Your People Die’

It’s been over a week since Maria ripped through Puerto Rico as a Category 4 Hurricane.

Reports say it was the most destructive tropical storm to ever hit the American territory, and yet days after its’ landfall, 3.4 million people are still wondering if help is on the way.

Many have called the crisis “Trump’s Katrina” and now Rihanna has warned 45 not to let the people of Puerto Rico die from his inability to act. In a tweet posted early this morning, the Bajan-born singer wrote, “Dear @realDOnaldTrump I know you’ve probably seen this, but I just wanted to make sure! Don’t let your people die like this.”

Her words were accompanied by the front page of Wednesday’s New York Daily News.

The Fenty Beauty creator isn’t the first artist to express concern over the way the Trump administration has handled what is quickly turning into a public health crisis. On Monday night, Nuyorican singer Marc Anthony tweeted: “Mr. President shut the f— up about NFL. Do something about our people in need in #PuertoRico. We are American Citizens too.”

Other celebrities have focused their attention on a solution, tweeting out organizations that are in the trenches helping to get the American citizens the supplies they need. By all accounts the people of Puerto Rico and the less- talked about United States Virgin Islands are in for a long road ahead. As Donald trump tweets of NFL protests and limits congressional travel to the affected areas, it’s time for Americans to come together to help the Caribbean islands in the government’s absence.