Rihanna ‘S and M’ Video Banned in 11 Countries
Raymond Hall

If you haven’t watched it already, Rihanna really heats things up in her latest “S&M” video. But the fiery redhead may have been too hot — 11 countries have already banned her video and some major networks are demanding an edited version, EurWeb.com reports. Find out why here…

Some countries have made it clear that the video is just a little too steamy for national attention. After its big release last week, several Southern Asian countries immediately gave it the boot, MTV began considering a re-edit, and BBC Radio 1 refuses to play it until after 7pm, the UK Daily Mirror reports.

The commotion over the video began when YouTube placed its advisory stamp on the video to keep viewers under 18 from peeping Rihanna’s seemingly explicit content. Since then, several countries and networks have jumped on board with bans. Currently, Rihanna has made no edits and has not publicly responded to the censorship.

What did you think of Rihanna’s S&M video — creative or raunchy?