Rihanna’s iconic and ever-changing tresses don’t come cheap!  The pop-star reportedly spends nearly $23,000 per week for celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen to keep her mane in check.

Ursula, whose humble hair beginnings began 15 years ago in a Brooklyn salon, earns all that cold hard cash by giving Rihanna the newest, most-talked-about hair in the music biz.

Remember RiRi’s edgy, jet black asymetric bob a la her “Umbrella” days? That pivotal style was Ursula’s brainchild and since then, she’s been giving Rihanna new do’s several times per week.

“Rihanna likes to pioneer new styles but it’s costing her a fortune,” a source close to the star told the Daily Mail.

A fortune indeed, but Ursula is not complaining! Get that money girl!

What’s the most you’ve ever spent on getting your hair done?