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Rihanna Shares Girl Crush on Beyoncé, Suffers Legal Woes

Rihanna instagrammed a photo of Beyoncé, declaring her the greatest beauty.
Everyone is smitten with Beyoncé these days. From First Lady Michelle Obama declaring her admiration for the pop star to gal-pal Gwyneth Paltrow calling her “the most talented human being on the planet” — there’s always someone singing the star’s praises. Even Rihanna thinks Beyoncé’s awesome. This time, it’s not her talent RiRi is complimenting; it’s her beauty.

Over the weekend, Rihanna instagrammed a photo of Beyoncé wearing diamond chandelier earrings and a silver dress (see inset) with the caption, “This pic could single-handedly destroy the self-esteem of an entire nation.”

Her legions of fans, whom she affectionately calls her “Navy,” seemed to agree. Within hours the photo earned 106,966 likes and garnered some 4,400 comments.

In related news, Rihanna filed a lawsuit against Berdon LLP in July for “tens of millions of dollars in losses, shoddy bookkeeping, and a failure to recommend she trim expenses” when her “Only Girl Tour” was losing money, reports AP. In addition, Rihanna claims the company took 22% in commission instead of the standard 10%. Now the company is firing back. According to TMZ, Berdon LLP says those accusations simply aren’t true. Any commission they took was authorized via a contract and any money loss is Rihanna’s fault.

There’s no word if the case will actually go to trial.