As Rihanna’s S&M lawsuit picks up momentum, the red-hot diva recently decided to kick her defense into full gear with a new legal crew.

She reportedly gave her attorneys at New York’s Pryor Cashman firm the axe after losing her first motion to dismiss in court, reports.  

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Photographer David LaChapelle, who is suing Rihanna for copyright infringement, says the pop-star allegedly ripped off concepts from his original photographs for images in her S&M video. A New York State Federal judge recently ruled in favor of LaChapelle, claiming the photographer’s “angles, poses and lighting in the photos” should be protected under copyright.

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The judge’s decision now puts the case on track for trial, but reports say Rih Rih may settle out of court. The singer is reportedly working with Paul Kilmer at Holland & Knight firm on the lawsuit.

Best of luck Rihanna!