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Coffee Talk: Rihanna and Nicki Minaj Shoot 'Fly' Video

We've got a strong cup of joe for you to jumpstart your Monday: "RHoA" star Phaedra Parks admits that what we see on camera is only a "character," Nicole Richie and Joel Madden celebrated their daughter's third birthday with a star-studded bash. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj spent their weekend filming their "Fly" video — check out what fun the duo had on set...


We’ve got a strong cup of joe for you to jumpstart your Monday:

  • Rihanna and Nicki Minaj had such a great time on set of their new video “Fly” that they tweeted this photo — sending Twitter into a frenzy this weekend. The two even joked about being together as a couple, but it quickly ended with Rihanna misspelling Minaj’s name. Are you looking forward to that video? [Daily News]

  • Harlow, daughter of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, turns 3 on Tuesday, but the newlyweds had a big celebration at the Treehouse Social Club in Beverly Hills this weekend. According to People.com, the bash had a play center and pampering area for moms and their kids. Jessica Alba’s daughter, Gwen Stefani’s kids, Kourtney Kardashian’s son and more were all in attendance. [People]

  • Foxy Brown is being sued for allegedly not paying for studio time — racking up fees totaling over $100K. Her former manager, Bernadette Brennan, is the one filing the lawsuit against the rap artist. On top of that, she still hasn’t settled the incident with her neighbor and faces up to a year in prison for violating her neighbor’s protective order against her. [Eurweb]

  • TMZ is reporting that Nas’ child support and spousal support payments have been cut in half, now down to $25,000. An L.A. judge decided that a little over $5K for child support and $20K in spousal support is plenty. [TMZ]

  • Oprah now wants to offer Ted Williams a job. She reportedly said, “I would like to to see him part of OWN… It would be fantastic to hear him say, ‘The Oprah Winfrey Network.” Also, he’s already landed his first job — the voice on the new Kraft Mac & Cheese commercials. It seems like the offers keep rolling in for Williams. It’s great to see him getting back to work. [Eurweb]

  • “RHoA” star Phaedra Parks spoke with PopEater about her show and revealed that what we see isn’t quite real. She says, “What you see on the camera is a character, so I sometimes don’t feel it’s who I am as a person.” Why even have a reality show if it won’t depict reality? In other Phaedra Parks news, she reportedly wants to plan Kim Zolciak’s baby shower. We would love to see how that turns out given her own baby shower. [PopEater]

  • Marlon Wayans has teamed up with Dentyne to end bad breath. He will promoting Dentyne gum and enlighten everyone on the importance of good breath. Check out the funny commercial below.