Superstar singer Rihanna was one of the very first celebrities to shed light on little Jasmina Anema’s situation. So it’s no wonder that she flew directly from her native Barbados to visit the ailing, 6-year-old this week, according to Jasmina has a rare and aggressive form of leukemia and is in need of a matching bone marrow donation. Rihanna spent more than three hours talking, playing and trying on CoverGirl makeup products with Jasmina during her visit on April 2 at NYU’s Medical Center, which, unfortunately, has become a home away from home for the little girl. The two became friends when Rihanna discovered Jasmina’s condition and asked the public to come out and be tested to see if they might find a match.

Jasmina and countless others are still in need of bone marrow donors. For more information, on how to become a donor, please visit or—WLW

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