In a doctrine that seems straight out of a 1050’s playbook, Alabama’s Oxford High School has a dress policy for it’s prom that includes no dresses made with transparent materials, none more than four inches above the knee, no revealing neck lines or back lines, no midriff’s showing, the list goes on. So it didn’t sit so well with school officials when senior Erica DeRamous arrived in a modern mini-dress she had bought on the Internet. DeRamous was one of 25 students told they were in violation of the school’s prom dress policy. But the most interesting pat of the story is the punishment DeRamous and the other students had to choose from: Paddling or suspension. DeRamous chose a three-day suspension. Paddling in 2010? “We’re too old to get spanked,” she told CNN. “This is not the 1940’s.” Paddling, it turns out, is not so old-fashioned in the 20 states that still allow corporal punishment in schools. Check out our suggestions for Prom Dresses for Less. Read More: