23 Sweet Photos of Remy Ma and Papoose That Will Make You Call Bae Now

Rappers Remy Ma and Papoose, her husband of eight years, really put the "h" in happily ever after. See why we love their love.

Charli Penn Jun, 14, 2016

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We love how much they love each other and have zero problems letting the world know.

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Rappers Remy Ma, and her husband of eight years, Papoose, put the "h" in happily ever after. See why we love their love.

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Selfie lovin' for life.

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Their's is a love for all ages.

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The couple, who spent most of their marriage apart, are right by each other's side every chance they get.

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The hats say it all!

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Follow their love on Instagram under #MeetTheMackie.

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Whether they're keeping it casual or classic, wherever they go, the Mackies are all dressed up in love.

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Their love also as a silly side, and of course, it's equally adorable.

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Seasons greeetings from the Mackies.

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Papoose loves his wife proudly and the hug from the back (the classi prom pose) is their favorite form of PDA.

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The new first couple of hip hop indeed.

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Lovers for life and proud of it.

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The Mackies always make time for what matters most -- each other.

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A signture pose for a solid couple.

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On Instagram you can find the Mackies glued to each other's sides.

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When they're not working, we dare you to find Remy without Pap or Pap without Remy.

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The couple's televised secondwedding was one for the history books. The depth of their love was un display for all to see.

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Fans collectively said "aww" when they watched The Mackies finally have this moment.

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We just love how this couple never misses a photo opp.

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It seems the Mackies knew from day one that their love would stand the test of time.

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Bravo for love!


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