Picture this: you’re a college student who meets a cute guy in the student lounge. You exchange phone numbers, become friends on Facebook, and a few days later meet in your dorm room to hang out. One thing leads to another, and things become hot and heavy.

Before you’ve had a chance to have dinner and a movie with this guy, you’ve already had sex with him.

This scenario is becoming the norm among college students. According to a new study, young adults are hooking up for sex, even before they go on a first date. Having “hookups” and “friends with benefits” may seem fun and free for singles, but there are possible long-term effects to having casual sex. Women create high emotional attachments to sex partners, and studies reveal that these casual encounters prevent women from learning how to get a serious relationship started when they are ready for commitment later down the line.

This trend could be the result of most college campuses having fewer men than women. Young women are competing for the attention of guys, so when a guy asks her to hang out, even if there is no date planned, she often agrees and ends up sleeping with him. Other sources say it is the result of more singles deciding to enter committed relationships much later in life. With college students feeling pressured to have competitive internships or enter graduate programs, they are less interested in forming a serious relationship during their college years.

Have you ever had sex before going out on a date with someone? Do you think this trend means women are lowering their standards just to get male attention?