When Nicki Minaj performed on “Live! with Regis and Kelly” from Las Vegas on Monday she was probably expecting to ham it up with the talk show hosts, promoting her new alum “Pink Friday.” She probably was not expecting Regis Philbin to smack her butt. “I love the way you dress,” Philbin complimented Minaj. Moments later he was reaching to her hemline saying, “This looks like you have a little strap around you there, you know what I mean?” and delivering a tap on her backside. Minaj’s mouth opened wide. “I was in shock,” she later tweeted. Regis’ co-host, Kelly Ripa, exclaimed, “Regis! What just happened?!” But Regis wasn’t done yet. As the 25-year-old rapper relayed the advice Lil Wayne gave her to “go hard,” Regis retorted, “Go hard? Wish I could!” Not cool, Regis. Watch the video and tell us if you think Regis was out of line.