Forget sending your resumes out the old fashion way and praying that someone will take notice. Chantay Jordan, 22, is taking a different route. The recent college graduate is standing outside the offices of potential employers, holding a sign proclaiming: “I Need a Job! Your company needs Chantay Jordan! Don’t Ignore.” Which is how we found her outside of the ESSENCE offices. As busy New Yorkers walk pass, some applaud and others yell out, “Chantay, baby you are going to get you a job. Keep your head up.” A wide smile grows on Jordan’s face, “I don’t even know her. I guess she knows me from handing out my resume,” Jordan shares. spoke with the Ohio University graduate about why she decided to hold a sign to garner attention for employment, her career aspirations, and her advice to other job seekers. We know the unemployment rate for recent college graduates is pretty high, but how did you get the courage to advertise your situation? CHANTAY JORDAN: For me, the traditional way of sending e-mails or sending your resume around does not work. You know, a lot of companies have my resume and I have tried the traditional way. I figured, if you really want something, then you have to go out and get it. So I said, ‘Why not get off of my butt on my day off and do the leg work.’ I feel like this is a bold statement but it’s real. I am not doing this for the cameras or anything. I sincerely need a job. I have been the butt of some jokes, you know. Some people walk by and laugh but it doesn’t matter to me. What kind of job are you looking to obtain? JORDAN: Well, my major was in marketing and public relations. I would love to do marketing. I would love to do PR. I would love to do reporting. I would love to write. I think I have a great business sense and a knack for marketing so I would love to do any of that. Sounds good. What is your ideal job? JORDAN: Wow, that’s a good question. I would love to be a writer for ESSENCE Magazine, that would be my ideal job.You know, anything is possible. I step out on faith. I am here on two unpaid internships. I don’t know how I am going to make it other than by the grace of God. How are you maintaining your living and personal expenses in the city? JORDAN: I am staying with a college friend in Brooklyn. We worked out a nice deal, but I don’t know how much longer I can survive on unpaid internships. Do you have any specific areas that you stand with your sign? JORDAN: I try to stand in front of companies that I am interested in, but to be clear, I am not like I can’t do this job or that job. There are particular companies that I am really interested in, that’s why I stood in front of Viacom, I know that’s MTV and BET.  I am standing in front of ESSENCE because I have a real interest in working for these companies. Any luck with landing interviews? JORDAN: Yes, I got an interview at BET but they do not have any opportunities available right now. The lady that I spoke to said, she will keep me in mind. A man who works for UBS, a company I am not familiar with handed me his card. I was in front of Atlantic Records and a guy gave me his business card. I met Andre Harrell, who now has my resume. I have met so many people. So what are your plans? JORDAN: I am going to continue to be persistent. I am not going to keep hounding these people because I understand there is a thin line between being aggressive and persistent. So I am going to stay in that lane. Any lasting words to graduates in your shoes right now? JORDAN: It is tough but follow your dreams. If you fail, don’t get discouraged because you might land on a few stars. I think with struggle comes success. I have been struggling but I will not let it discourage me. I would rather regret the things that I have done than the things that I have not.