Eight states are considering subjecting those who receive unemployment, food stamps, or welfare to random drug testing, according to the Associated Press. Critics of the different legislations argue that those who need government help the most will be impacted, forcing them to find other means during desperate times.

Craig Blair, a Republican in the West Viginia Legislature, has proposed the most comprehensive measure in the country advocating that anyone who applies for temporary assistance (included mothers) be tested.

The Kansas House of Representatives approved a measure mandating drug testing for the 14,000 who receive state aid, and Oklahoma, Missouri, and Hawaii have passed  similiar measures. However, an attempt in the Arizona Senate to establish such a law failed.

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In another controversial move, Tennessee state officials are considering a measure to limit lottery winnings to $600 for those who receive government aid. Interestingly enough, no such stipulations were added to high-paid business leaders who received billions from the government over the last year.-CJ

Do you think people who receive state aid should succumb  to random drug testing?