With the recent news of Tiki Barber leaving his wife for his intern and Garcelle Beauvais outing her cheating husband Mike Nilon to the NYPost, we took to our Facebook friends to ask “What is the deal with all of these cheating celebrities?” Here’s what you had to say: Sharifa: “I don’t know what’s going on, but it saddens me that people just give up so freely on their relationships. For things to work, you are going to have to work at it. It’s a shame and a pity.” MI: “Cheating is not new. The inner workings of the relationship and understanding why cheaters cheat is too complex. Each situation and each couple is different.” Patricia: “In the celebrity obsessed culture we find ourselves in, [celebrities cheating] is being brought to light a whole lot more. [However], they’ve been stepping out on their women for years, the only difference is we hear about it now” Connie: “The men don’t value their relationships or families the way they should.  It’s not just celebrities, or all men, women cheat too and so do poor people. So many people get married for the wrong reasons and then cheat and hurt one another.” Kita: “Men don’t have to be famous to cheat, they will do it regardless. All men cheat I have not found one that has not yet.” Timbi: “All men don’t cheat! All women don’t cheat! A relationship takes work whether a celebrity or not, we can never be sure what may trigger a person to go astray. Principles and morals also play a valid role.” Tell us your thoughts on cheating. Take our cheating poll here.