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What’s the best technique for fluffing your hair after doing a braid/twist-out for extra volume? I don’t want to over-fluff and cause frizz! — Jenna


I’ve come to the realization that allowing my hair to ‘just be’ allows it to fluff up naturally with minimal frizz. The day after my styling session (usually a Twist-n-Curl), I remove the curlers and gently unravel the twists. Since the twists are so chunky, I sometimes break them apart to help it look more natural, but that’s all I do . . . no finger combing, picking or massaging the roots. This no-fluffing routine gets me to four-day hair, which I greatly appreciate.

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The problem is that my hair is fine, and walking around for a day with a flat Twist-n-Curl drives me insane—it’s scalpy, and overly defined. However, come Day Two, its twice as big, still chunky, defined and frizz free!

There are times when I need it to be the three F’s (funky, fabulous, and fly) on Day One, so I do the following:

  • Remove the curlers
  • Unravel the twists
  • Break twisted sections apart (turning one crinkle into two and so on)
  • Spread my fingers and use them as a pick/comb to gently break up the roots
  • Sometimes I’ll flip my head over, still using my fingers as a pick . . . running them from my roots to 1/4 down the strands
  • Massage the roots at the crown to help hide any parts
  • I never use combs or any other tools to fluff . . . just my fingers
  • Finally, for easier fluffing and bigger hair, remember to use less product — preferably no styler and only a silver-dollar-sized amount of your ‘styling conditioner’

What about you? How do you fluff? Tell me in the comments area below!

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