@RapedAtSpelman Issues Statement About Her Decision to Meet with School Administrators

As school officials continue to investigate the incident that led a Spelman college student to anonymously come forward with her disturbing story of being raped by four Morehouse college students, a statement from the anonymous social media account behind the revelation has surfaced.

While the freshman student has chosen to keep her identity concealed to avoid dealing with backlash, criticism or victim-blaming from other students, she has reportedly released a full statement in light of recent events.

Spelman Investigating Rape Allegations Involving Morehouse Students Based On Anonymous Twitter Account

In the lengthy commentary shared by the Twitter account @FeministSnob on behalf of @RapedAtSpelman, the student details her decision to leave the school after what happened to her and also speaks on her displeasure with the way both universities have handled things in the aftermath of her decision to come forward with her story.

“They claim to take sexual assault/violence very seriously. However, they do not,” she writes. “All survivors in the AUC (if asked) would tell you that there has been little to no progress with their Title IX cases.”

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Here’s Everything We Know About Rape Accusations At Spelman and Morehouse

The student goes on to confirm that she will not speak with the media, but has agreed to meet with school administrators at the request of student organizers “when the time is right” for her. She also condemns the negative responses she’s received since sharing her story and urges the public to go beyond hashtags and social media support to take bigger steps towards ensuring that institutions are held accountable at all times.

“People have been more focused on knowing my name instead of fighting against the issue of sexual assault. This is bigger than me. It’s bigger than the hashtag. This is about holding our institutions accountable for what they do.” 

You can read the statement in full below.

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